Global macro investing strategy

Global macro investing strategy

S&P 500, United States Dollar/Japanese Yen & FTSE 100

Investing outside of the United States was a recommendation that I made on the last post on this blog. So I thought I'll act out this suggestion (mind you, I did get heat for this). I am basically going to be listing global indexes and securities that I am bullish about.

S&P 500

Hey, America is still part of the world the last time I checked. I think the fiscal cliff will soon be addressed appropriately (it's what I gather from the news and the politicians, anyway) and the holidays will drive stocks up. There has also been economic data that has been positive although the S&P 500 has declined the last week. The S&P is always an opportunity for a trader.

United States Dollar/Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

Forex trading is a gold mine that hasn't been discussed as much on this Investment Talk blog. I promise to talk more about it and should even have a feature solely dedicated to it in upcoming posts. For now, I want you to know that I am bullish on the USD/JPY. Japan has been plagued with inflation and slow economic growth for as long as a decade. The USD has been on an upswing so this bodes well for the uphill trajectory of the USD/JPY.

FTSE 100

All this talk about Greece has made most investors shy away from European markets that are pretty distressed right now. But all is not bad across the pond. We have Britain coming out of a nine-month recession and the FTSE 100 surging as a result of news of a good Q3 earnings report. Investors should be cautious, though, as it could be due to mostly to the summer Olympics that were recently held in the United Kingdom.