Know Your Rights When It Comes To Debt

Know Your Rights When It Comes To Debt

Knowledge is Half the Battle

It's easy for debt to overtake a person, especially during this time of economic recession. Maybe you lost your job, got a salary decrease or your interest rates shot up. When you get behind on your debt, odds are you're not aware of your rights and what your creditors can and cannot do.

Did you think that creditors can just keep calling you, morning noon and night? Nope, if you get a call early in the morning or late at night, then you can file a complaint. Are they threatening you with jail time? It's illegal to go to jail in the United States for owing money.

A creditor just wants his money and oftentimes don't care how they get it. They hire collection agencies that are more than willing and able to break the rules if it means you'll forsake feeding your family and instead give them a couple hundred dollars.

They'll try and set up payment plans that are way out of your reach, take money out of your bank account without your permission and if your payment is returned, they'll send it over and over again. Each time you'll receive a fee making your balance even lower.

You can get out of debt. It may take time and it won't be easy, but if you're willing to make a few sacrifices and try to work with the creditors, then you'll make it out. Don't try and avoid the creditors. If you talk to them, then they know you're trying to make an effort. They may not be the nicest people, but as I said before they want their money. If you're willing to give something to them, then odds are they'll work with you.