Negotiating when buying a new car

Negotiating when buying a new car

Prepare yourself before you go.

I recently purchased a new car and I had a great time doing this. As a woman, I knew that it would be easier for the salesman to take advantage of me, so I made sure I was prepared.

The car I purchased is not brand new, but it is only about 1 ½ years old. It looks like new and has very low miles. When I finally chose this car and sat down to discuss the numbers on it, I knew that I had to be sharp when it came to this subject.

This all began while I was there trying to choose the car. I have a smart phone, so I was looking up facts and information on all of the cars I was looking at. I made sure that I told the salesman what I was doing, and I periodically offered bits and pieces of the information I was reading on my phone.

As I then sat in the finance office working out numbers with the salesman, he gave me an offer. Now, you have to keep in mind that the offer they give you is not the final offer. You can accept their offer if you choose, but if you want a better deal, you should counteroffer his offer.

This is exactly what I did. I ended up getting him to reduce the price of the car, increase the amount of my trade-in and offer me a two-year warranty that covers almost everything. Next time you go in to buy a car, be prepared to do this and you will get a better deal.