The power of being able to sell

The power of being able to sell

Owning a business is a sure fire method to wealth.

I haven’t had a post about sales here and I thought it was necessary. We have heard many times how business development is the path to riches. A lot of very wealthy people own their businesses. In business, you need to know how to sell and not be shy about it.

Here is a Forbes article that I read and reread all the time to remember where my priorities when I am selling a product or a service. I want to talk about a few things here that will ensure that you will profit by selling either products or services.

Anything can be sold

In a market, any item or service can be sold, provided the appropriate buyer comes along. There will always be those that want cheap earphones, but then there are others who want the Shures and Boses of the world. The best way to sell something is to develop a strong knowledge about a product or service and stress its selling point to a prospective buyer to show why it is superior.

You might be charging more for a Dell laptop than a nearby store. But then you might be offering better service by actually taking a good look at any problems that may prop up in the future during the warranty period. Something the competitor does not do. You want to stress this fact to the customer. You'll be surprised how many will trade the higher price for convenience and for less hassle.

Know your customer

This requires a good insight into the customer and the best way to acquire this is to ask questions and listen carefully. Pay attention and take notes to ensure that you remember customer’s expectations.

Sales are hard and requires many things. An entrepreneur or aspiring business owner should aim to get some sales experience first as it will help them a lot.