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Hot stock news this week

It seems that giant stocks like Wal-Mart are the way to go.

It's been awhile and now I think I have all the education and stock market introduction covered. So it is time to talk about the latest stock news. Right now, it seems that mega-cap stocks are the best performers. I already had a post in the retirement talk blog where I stressed how important it was to have these stocks in an investment portfolio.

There was a New York Times article that investors should look through to get a better idea of how stocks have been performing lately in the United States. It stresses that the European debt crisis that has become such a common new story in financial circles has made the American mega cap stocks a safer bet for a better return as well.

Smaller stocks haven’t done as well in the month of July and have actually lost on their gains whereas the bigger stocks have done that and more. Additionally, the blue chip stocks are what most investors would prefer to put their money in ideally with the dividends that they provide on top of the stability associated with them.

 The other thing is that the dollar is actually strengthening right now and this has made investors to look back on American stocks to give them an advantage. Moreover, large companies have adapted very well to the crises and are also more exposed than ever to foreign markets.Looking at data, mega cap companies make on average approximately 46 percent of the revenue they earn in foreign markets.